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Experian unlocks the power of data

Experian’s purpose is to create a better tomorrow by unlocking the power of data to transform lives. Its latest Corporate Responsibility Report shows how the company, best known for its credit services, is fulfilling that purpose.

Using its extensive data and analytical expertise, Experian is helping people get the essentials they need to make their lives better – whether that is paying for healthcare and education, buying or renting a home, building their business or getting a loan.

Highlights in 2016/17 include:

  • providing free access to their credit scores for everyone across the UK and the USA
  • offering new solutions to help patients understand and manage the costs of healthcare in the USA
  • supporting faster, fairer access to student loans in South Africa and social housing in the UK
  • helping 3.4 million people access essential services through social innovation products that also generate income for the business.

Experian is also unlocking the power of data to explore societal challenges, from analysing literacy levels with the National Literacy Trust in England to working with experts from the United Nations Development Programme to address one of the biggest global challenges: climate change.

The report is punctuated by engaging stories from Experian colleagues talking about the way they help people in their day to day work. It also emphasises the company’s commitment to working with integrity and treating people, their data and the environment with respect.

Read Experian’s Corporate Responsibility Report 2017.

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