Let’s get digital: Expanding your sustainability reporting audience

The first sustainability report we wrote was for Unilever in 1997. Over the last 20 years, the content, audience, and mode of reporting has evolved. It’s no longer about lengthy, printed disclosures geared toward regulatory agencies — it’s about short storytelling to a broader audience.

And in this digital age, a broader audience is exactly what we have. Thanks to channels like email, social media, and online news, more and more people get their information from a digital source. But wait, is your report still in PDF format? Don’t fear — here are 3 quick tips for getting that PDF into the digital swing of things.

  1. Repurpose

The crux of any good communication is making sure it’s tailored to the right audience. PDF reports have their uses. They’re searchable, can be archived, and meet the needs of investors and raters and rankers.

But what about everyone else? Customers and employees don’t want to sift through a 100-page report. You need to meet these audiences where they’re at – and that’s online. Repurpose the core content of your PDF report into bite-sized nuggets for your website.

  1. Get creative

With an overabundance of stimulation available today, your content needs to stand out. Engage your audience with multi-media formats like videos, infographics, and photos. For example, see how HPE communicates their Living Progress Challenge winner.

  1. Amplify

If you want to reach customers and employees, put it on social.  Eighty-one percent of Americans use some form of social media, and there are an estimated 2.34 billion social media users globally.[1]

Take that repurposed content you made for your website and amplify it on twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Social media gives you the opportunity to engage your audiences more frequently, opposed to the once-a-year engagement common with a sustainability report launch.

Are you interested in growing your sustainability reporting audience through digital channels? If so, reach out to us here, we have experience in developing digital content, managing social media accounts, and more.

[1] https://www.statista.com/statistics/273476/percentage-of-us-population-with-a-social-network-profile/

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Lisa Campbell


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