Case Study

Complex Data Made Simple: IKEA UK Gender Pay Gap Report


Legislation requires all UK companies with over 250 employees to disclose data on their gender pay gap. IKEA UK was looking for a way to make these results clear and engaging for co-workers, while complying with the requirements of the legislation and satisfying experts.

The gender pay gap is a complex topic. It’s often confused with unequal pay — paying men and women different amounts for the same job — which is illegal. The report needed to make this distinction clear, while giving context to IKEA UK’s better-than-average pay gap.

Quite a challenge in just a few pages!


We developed clear graphics to show how the different gaps (mean and median) are calculated. And used simple, concise text to explain the data and performance, alongside the company’s work to improve the gap, moving towards its ambition to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

To accomplish this, we followed our six-step approach:

  1. Analyse IKEA’s gender pay gap data
  2. Explain what the data is showing, using clear narrative and engaging infographics
  3. Collect and draft content on how IKEA is working toward gender equality
  4. Interview and work with their senior leaders to draft opening letters
  5. Ensure report sign off from their content owners and senior leaders
  6. Support with engagement activities around report launch, such as press statements, Q&A sheets, internal/external PowerPoints, and social media assets.

Read the report here.

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