Case Study

Reaching 140,000 Employees Without Words


IKEA Group needed a way to communicate its sustainability strategy, and the bold ambitions and commitments, to each of its 140,000 co-workers around the world – from head office to shop floor. IKEA co-workers are busy people – manning the checkout, stocking the warehouse, or serving up Swedish fare in the canteen. They needed to be able to grasp the IKEA People & Planet Positive strategy at a glance.


Cut the words and get visual by using infographics to convey the strategy.

We created a series of hand-drawn infographics reflecting the whimsical and fun style of the IKEA Brand, covering each pillar of the strategy. The key was to be selective with the information – the simpler the infographic, the more impact it has on the viewer.

The small amount of text was easily translated into multiple languages for distribution across all of the IKEA Group markets. They spread quickly, appearing in communications such as the Sustainability Report, co-worker summary, and on the walls of co-worker areas around the world. Following this success, we added to the series with infographics on specific topics, from forestry to sustainable stores.

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