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Twitter: Audience Expansion for Sustainability Communications

Your sustainability program is firing on all cylinders. You’ve got goals, you’re making progress, and you’re providing value to your business.

After publishing your annual sustainability report you think – we’ve done it, people will finally know what we’ve been up to!

Unfortunately, a one-note communication strategy just isn’t enough. With the breakneck speed of business and the proliferation of digital content, a multi-channel approach is more effective. Think of it this way…

Annual sustainability reports meet the needs of the most dedicated audiences: investors, raters, and rankers. Your website is the place to engage customers and employees with multimedia content. After investing in a report and website, expand your audience by posting daily on social media.

Many social platforms are used for corporate communications including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Because they vary in terms of format, audience, and features, each meets a different need. We prefer Twitter for business-to-business (B2B) sustainability communication.

Why Twitter

  • The format. Posts begin with text and are enhanced with photos, videos, and links. You can jumpstart your Twitter feed with the content you already have on hand.
  • The audience. Twitter boasts millions of global users with participation from businesses, consumers, thought-leaders, and news outlets. While consumer-focused messaging thrives on other platforms, Twitter is a good fit for professional communication.
  • The network effect. Smart brands share content that attracts sustainability influencers. When influencers engage with tweets it can build credibility, expand audience, and improve reputation.
  • Measurement. Twitter Analytics helps users track performance and optimize content.

How Twitter benefits CR comms

  • Audience expansion. Reach global consumers, customers, and employees who don’t read lengthy publications.
  • Content utility. Put your CR report text, photos, and videos to work by posting bite-sized pieces on social.
  • Freedom of expression. Without the page constraints of a report, your Twitter handle can explore an unlimited number of topics.
  • Breathing life into your brand. Authentic, daily communication shows the world your CR program is healthy and engaged.

Making it happen

To make the most of the opportunity, you’ll need to produce meaningful content and post frequently. Here’s the anatomy of a great tweet:

  • Keep it short and sweet. Make intelligible commentary with as few characters as possible.
  • Add depth. Your readers are savvy media consumers. Go beyond basic marketing-speak to inform and engage.
  • Tackle current events. Show your program is attune to the landscape by interacting with industry news, research, and events.
  • Garner engagement. Generate likes, retweets, and replies with photos, infographics, videos, and hashtags. Drive traffic to owned and third-party content by linking out.
  • Be positive. Help followers see that business is part of the solution by balance the gravitas of sustainability challenges with optimism.

Some brands are already using Twitter to tell their story. Seeking inspiration? Look here: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Living Progress.

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